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UT2004 - Movie: Be ready! by Pilman

I'm here to present you the last Pilman's movie. He made my own movie!

Have Fun. :)

Shunky wanted a movie since a long time, I'll propose him my services, and he accepted it, so I started the project the 11th November 2007, to finish it in July 2008.
The composition of the movie was calcutated since the begining:
- 3 songs
- 3 parts of frags
- no outro

I wanna make some new things in the world of moviemaking, by using originals musics. "Via Continum" by Ez3kiel seems to be perfect for it, a really nice french band who deserved to be shown in the UT community.
So, what else? All is in the movie, I passed 9 months of my life on this project.

No more things. d:) Broooar!!

Link own-age

by shunky, Monday, 14 July 2008 11:36 [ Read all ]
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